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The Milk Basket started its first project in Odi Bayelsa State where Milk Basket founder, Ekwe Chiwundu Charles, spent a year after his graduation from college.

Ekwe’s heart was so touched by the children that he started the Milk Basket in 2011 and has held onto the dream of returning to carry out the mission and goals of the Milk Basket. Odi was the scene of a violent massacre in 1999 when thousands of innocent civilians were brutally murdered.

The community is trying to rebuild and regain normality and a sense of security in their lives.

About us

The Niger Delta Region produces the oil wealth that accounts for the bulk of Nigeria’s foreign earnings. Paradoxically, however, these vast revenues from an international industry have barely touched the Niger Delta’s own pervasive local poverty. The Niger Delta Region today is a place of frustrated expectations and deep-rooted mistrust. Unprecedented restiveness at times erupts in violence. Long years of neglect and conflict have fostered a siege mentality specifically among youths who feel they are condemned to a future without hope and see conflict as a strategy to escape deprivation. Persisting conflict while in part a response to poor human development, has also entrenched it, serving as a consistent drag on the region’s economic performance and expectations for development.

While turmoil in the delta has many sources and motivations, the preeminent underlying cause is the historical failure of governance at all levels. Declining economic performance leading to rising unemployment or underemployment, the lack of access to basic necessities of life like water, shelter, food and clothing, discriminatory policies that deny access to positions of authority and prevent people from participating in shaping the rules that govern their lives – these all indicate that governance overtime has fallen short of the people’s expectations. Who is to blame?

Instead of asking questions we decided to start making changes in our own little way. To change this ugly trend, we have put in place appropriate measures that will help alleviate the suffering of the Niger Delta people. For children everywhere, education is the best hope for breaking free from poverty. Yet even school supplies are hard to come by for the millions of children whose families struggle to eat and live in underdeveloped communities in Nigeria.


Our primary goal is to develop the best outreach and create program practices, which will help fill the gaps in education and food service for millions of children living in the creek communities in the highly-polluted and poverty-stricken Niger Delta.

Our Team

Focus on marginalized and vulnerable children in remote and rural creek communities that are hard to access.

Where we work

Sagbama, Adagbabiri, Peretorugbene, Agbere, Ofoni, Ayamasa, Sabagriea, Igbedi, Famgbe, Yenaka, Ogu, Fortorugbene, Agbura, Aguadama-Epetiama, Oporoma, Ndoro, Tombia, Peremabiri, Elemebiri, Asamabiri, Angalabiri, Opokuma, Odi, Kaiama, Biseni, Gbarantoru, Tombia, Amassoma and Ekeremor.

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