Food Processing Initiative

Concept for the development of entrepreneurial activities in the rural area for farmers and managers of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Agro food industry is a vital integral of economic growth of any country. Various cash crops that are produced in different countries could be major sources of economy if properly managed. Therefore the Milk Basket partners with The Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology to organize a 3 days program that will enhance agro diversity and help check poverty in the community.

Yam, potatoes, plantain, cocoyam flour processing, chocolate, cocktails and bartending, Food storage and processing for household food security (Storage of roots, tubers, bananas and plantains). Reducing the labor of traditional food processing and entrepreneurship where discussed.

Partner organization: Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology
Project: Chocolate processing & Bartending
Location: Kaiama, Bayelsa State
Category: Entrepreneurship
Beneficiaries: 14 Corp Members, 36 Farmers
Project completed: Match 2014
Sponsor: The Milk Basket
Costs: 30,000

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