Hardwood Charcoal

Buyers can place bulk orders for Hardwood Charcoal with us! As a trusted Exporter and Supplier, we produce our Charcoal from the finest Hardwood. We offer our Hardwood Charcoals in different lengths, thicknesses and shapes to meet the specific requirements of the buyers. With the assistance of our prompt transit facilities, we ensure timely and safe delivery of the orders.

Sizes available
Length: 40mm-150mm
Diameter/Thickness: 40mm-100mm
Shape: irregular, easy lighting, long time burning

Raw Material Used
Acacia, Oak , Mahogany, Rosewood , iroko

Special Features
Easy ignite ,Smokeless, No spark, No smell, Long burning time, Low ash,

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Technical specification
Fixed carbon > 75%
Volatile matters: 15.5%
Ash content < 5%
Moisture content < 7%
Heating level: Kcal/Kg 6800
Burning time: 4-6hours

Industries where this product is used

Colors & packaging available
Black, Bulk, 20kg / 30kg / 35kg pp bag sizes, depending on buyers requirement

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