Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

There is a growing group of young talented people in Odi that have taken an interest in social entrepreneurship. The knowledge in this field, however, is still in its infancy in this community. To address this, The Milk Basket developed teaching materials for an ‘online learning programme’ and ‘training programmes for social entrepreneurship’.

The programmes teach these young people how to use the internet for study purposes, encourage them to think critically, develop their sense of social responsibility and convert all that into practical activities which benefit their communities. Transferring knowledge to the local community is critical in this and Milk Basket were successful in finding a local partner and training 3 corps members in Odi to be able to independently execute these teaching programmes.

Partner organization: MDGs
Project: Online learning programmes and training in Social Entrepreneurship.
Location: Odi, Bayelsa State
Category: Education and Social Entrepreneurship
- 2 Corps Members
- 1 Social Entrepeneurs
- 10 Students
Project completed: June 2013
Costs: 100,000
Sponsor: Anonymous

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