Spelling Bee Initiative

The Milk has come to an accord with the NYSC charity community development service with sponsorship from BAN to organize the 2014 Spelling Bee contest involving all the primary schools in Odi community in demonstration of its support for educational development in Nigeria.

The event which took place on February 18, 2014 aimed at increasing the knowledge impact on lives of the participants, their schools and family. Speaking at the event the founder of the Milk Basket Ekwe Charles said ā€œDevelopment in Education is a task for everybody in the world and the Spelling competition will drive academic excellence and sustain learning and development of the Nigerian child. The event will go a long way in supporting and motivating pupils towards academic excellence, instilling a sense of pride and confidence in participants. The Spelling Bee was held at the Odi community town hall.

Partner organization: NYSC Charity CDS & Brodas Across Nigeria
Project: Online learning programmes and training in Social Entrepreneurship.
Location: Odi, Bayelsa State
Category: Education and Building Futures
Beneficiaries: 10 Students
Project completed: July 2013
Costs: 90,000
Sponsor: Brothers Across Nigeria

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